Dr Christine Checinska is an
artist, designer, curator, storyteller
& explorer of all things creative.

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Creativity present in
the lives we live

As an artist, designer, curator & storyteller people expect me to be creative. But I believe that living is the ultimate act of creativity. Who we are, how we live and what we leave behind are all creative choices. Sometimes we can use creativity to transform lives, communities and cultures. But sometimes, we should use creativity for the sheer joy of it.

Photo by Philippa Gedge Photography

Photograph by Vanley Burke © Vanley Burke

Creativity present in
clothes we wear

Fashion is part of the process by which the unequal distribution of power within society is constructed, maintained, and experienced as legitimate. But fashion can also be used to challenge and contest one’s position within society. I’m fascinated by fashion that allows us to speak about ourselves and be seen the way we want to be seen.

Creativity present in
the objects we treasure

Every object has the potential to tell many stories. Whether we make, collect, customise or consume an object, it becomes invested with meanings through association and usage. So the question becomes – do we make things, or do our things make us? My art practice explores the stories of everyday objects, often bringing them to life with projected imagery and sound.

Photograph by Theirry Bal © Theirry Bal

Photograph by Theirry Bal © Theirry Bal

Creativity present in the
spaces we engage with

Objects tell stories, but spaces create dialogue. When constructed with creativity, care and collaboration, an exhibition can do so much more than interpret or educate. As a curator, my goal is to create spaces that inspire ideas, conversation and action from the people exploring them.

Creativity present in
the stories we read

The written word can be used to inform, educate or entertain. With a little creativity and a unique perspective that weaves in decades of industry, academic and lived experience – I do my best to write stories that achieve all three.

Creativity present in
the words we listen to

Sometimes in order to really hear something, we need to literally hear it. Words can be used to communicate ideas, but the human voice adds layers of meaning and emotion that words fail to express. Whether communicating across a table, a lecture hall or a digital platform – I use my voice to connect and inspire.

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